CALIFORNIA SPORTS HALL OF FAME was founded by Christian Okoye, former all-pro running back for the Kansas City Chiefs. With support from some of the biggest names in sports from the state of California; this influential organization was formed to honor our sports heroes, support struggling athletes, highlight California Sports history and more importantly; promote education through sports.

The primary mission of the California Sports Hall Of Fame is to capture the passion children and young adults have for sports, and direct that energy to enhance their educational and personal goals. Through the organization’s efforts and resources, the California Sports Hall of Fame support and promote education and sports among children and young men and women throughout the state of California.

CSHOF draw at-risk and underprivileged youth by hosting free athletic clinics, where well-known professional athletes donate their time to coach the kids. Once at the CSHOF’s events, the kids are given unparalleled training in sports and are encouraged to further develop their education. The CSHOF’s decision to use athletics as a vehicle for exposing the kids to education, gave rise to its motto, “Sports and Education.” Through clinics and mentorship, the CSHOF hopes to foster a goal-setting spirit in each child.

The California Sports Hall Of Fame’s events offer these student athletes the opportunity to develop and refine the essential skills in their respective areas of interest. Each event CSHOF hosts offer a structured, well-supervised atmosphere where children, young men and women are led through sessions of drills, demonstrations and discussions on all aspects of sports. CSHOF also stress the importance of sportsmanship and a positive attitude in sports and in life. The goal of the CSHOF is that every student participant will leave each event as a better athlete and, more importantly, a better person.

CSHOF assist young struggling athletes and Olympic hopefuls who can not afford education or the means to support themselves while training for competitions. Many times in this great state, dreams are squandered because less advantaged athletes are unable to work and train. CSHOF can help nurture and support these individuals.

Once a year, an induction ceremony is held to honor the accomplishments and contributions of the men and women who have excelled in their respective areas of sports and sports media in the state of California first, nationally and worldwide.

CRITERIA: The qualification for nomination is to have had an impact in sports in California while playing, coaching, writing or announcing sports for any school, team or sports media company in California.

SELECTION PROCESS: Nominations for the California Sports Hall of Fame are open to the public. The public send in names and final selection belong to the board members and current members. The CSHOF President, notifies the winning nominees once the voting process has been tabulated. If the winning nominees accept their induction, they must then attend the dinner celebration to be officially inducted into the California Spots Hall of Fame. If a nominee rejects or is unable to attend their induction, the CSHOF inducts the next highest vote getter. If a nominee declines their induction for 3 consecutive years without reason, the nominee will not be eligible for the next 3 years.